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Wind Statistics

Wind Energy Statistics

Wind Energy is a growing sector in Ireland and Northern Ireland, creating jobs and benefiting communities. See below the latest facts and figures on the wind energy industry.

224 The number of Wind Farms on the island of Ireland.

191 The number of wind farms in the Republic of Ireland

2,897MW Installed Wind Energy Capacity on the island of Ireland.

1,883,050 Homes Powered Equivalent on the island of Ireland.

2281MW Installed Capacity in the Republic of Ireland.

616MW Installed Capacity in Northern Ireland.

1969MW  Republic of Ireland Wind Generation Record reached at approximately17.15 on 23rd February 2015.

556MW Northern Ireland Wind Generation Record reached at approximately 14.45 on 7th January 2015.

2514MW  All Island Wind Generation Record reached at approximately 13.30 on 7th January 2015.

The above are based on latest information available from ESB Networks, Eirgrid & SONI.

16.3%  Percentage of Ireland’s electricity from wind in 2013 (SEAI).

2,978,869  Potential CO2 reductions (pa) in tonnes from wind farms installed on the Island of Ireland.*

88.5MW  Installed capacity of Ireland’s largest wind farm, Meentycat in Co. Donegal.

1992  Year Ireland’s first commercial wind farm was commissioned at Bellacorrick, Co Mayo.

Click here to learn more about Ireland's Wind Energy Map.

* CO2 Emission Calculation: Energy generated by a standard 2.3MW turbine 5,500MWh per annum.( Energy generated by a standard 2.3MW wind turbine assuming a load factor of 28% and availability of 97% availability is approximately 5,500MWh per annum. [2.3MW x 8,760 hours/year x 28% x 97% = 5,472MWh] ). UK electricity produces on average 430g of CO2 per kWh (per the Advertising Standards Authority assuming that the energy generated by the wind turbines displaces Combined Cycle Gas Turbines. A wind turbine generates 5,500MWh per annum displacing 2,365 tonnes of CO2 [5,500MWh x 0.43kg = 2,365 tonnes] Dividing 2365 by 2.3 to get the equivalent for 1MW means that 1MW would displace 1028.26 tonnes of CO2 per anum which is then multiplied by the All-Island Installed Capacity.



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