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IWEC '11 Exhibitors

Company                                          Website
Aggreko Ireland Ltd                            http://www.aggreko.ie
Alstom                                              http://www.alstom.com
An Post GeoDirectory Ltd                   http://www.geodirectory.ie
Avonmore Electrical Co Ltd                 http://www.avonmore-electrical.com
Beauchamps Solicitors                       http://www.beauchamps.ie
Denis Moriarty The Kerries Ltd             http://www.moriarty.ie
Ecocem                                             http://www.ecocem.ie
EMD International A/S                         http://www.emd.dk
Enercon Windfarm Services Ireland       http://www.enercon.de
Fehily Timoney & Company                 http://www.fehilytimoney.ie
Gaeltec Utilities                                  http://www.gaeltecutilities.com
Garrad Hassan Ireland Ltd                   http://www.gl-garradhassan.com
GE Energy                                         http://www.gepower.com
IWCM Ltd                                           http://www.iwcm.ie
IWEA Ltd                                           http://www.iwea.com
Jennings O'Donovan                            http://www.jodireland.com
Kirby Group                                        http://www.kirbygroup.ie
Limpet Technology Ltd                         http://www.limpettechnology.com
Lotusworks                                         http://www.lotusworks.com
Malachy Walsh & Partners                   http://www.mwp.ie
Natural Power                                      http://www.naturalpower.com
Nordex UK Ltd                                     http://www.nordex-online.com
Obelisk Group                                      http://www.obelisk.com
Optinergy Ltd                                       http://www.optinergy.ie
Powerteam                                          http://www.powerteam-es.com
Precision Gear Company                      http://www.pregear.co.uk
Renewable Power Generation                http://r-p-g.ie
RPS                                                    http://www.rpsgroup.com
S&C Electric Europe Ltd                       http://www.sandc.com
Sean Delaney & Sons Ltd                     http://www.seandelaneyandsons.com
Siemens Ltd                                        http://www.siemens.com
SSE Renewables                                 http://www.sserenewables.com
Transmission Links Ireland Ltd              http://www.tli.ie
Vestas Northern Europe AB                  http://www.vestas.com
Wind Prospect Ireland Ltd                     http://www.windprospect.com

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