• 01
    How can I find out more about installing wind turbines on my farm or land?
  • 02
    Where can I find out about Microgeneration in Ireland?
  • 03
    I would like to find out more about domestic wind turbines and whether there are any planning restrictions around turbines in Ireland.
  • 04
    Do you have a recent installed MW wind figure for Ireland?
  • 05
    Does IWEA have a database of wind farm planning applications?
  • 06
    My national school is currently seeking our green flag and is about to introduce some new science equipment to reflect the technology used in the harness of natural green energy. Would it be possible for our pupils to experience a wind farm visit?
  • 07
    I am looking for an exhaustive list of wind farms in operation, under development and construction in Ireland (RoI and NI). Can you assist with this?
  • 08
    How can I find out about vacancies in the wind sector?
  • 09
    How many wind farms are there in Ireland?
  • 10
    I want to visit a wind farm, where is the nearest one to me?
  • 11
    What is the current installed wind capacity of Ireland?
  • 12
    What can I do to help wind energy in Ireland?
  • 13
    What is a Wind Farm?