Community Engagement Committee

IWEA regularly reviews and updates best practice guidelines on how wind farm developers and owners interact with the local community. This began with general Best Practice Guidelines in March 2012, which was followed by more detailed guidelines on being a Good Neighbour in 2013. Specific recommendations were proposed for Shared Ownership in 2017 and these were all combined and updated in 2018, with the launch for consultation of IWEA’s Community Engagement Strategy in March 2018. IWEA is currently engaging with various stakeholders across communities, policy and industry about this new strategy and is aiming to complete a final version by early 2019.

  • The Chair is Emmet Egan.
  • The Working Groups are : Community Engagement Handbook, Community Benefit & Ownership & Communications.
  • For any enquiries please contact Helen Ellis on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Fabian Tenk - Wind energy and community engagement in Germany

June 2018