Global Wind Day

06 Jun 2019

GWD social media campaign

Did you know?

• Wind energy is Ireland’s best defence in the fight against climate change – reducing CO2 emissions, cutting energy imports and creating jobs at home;

• And it’s working - Wind provided 37 per cent of our electricity in the first three months of 2019 (EirGrid, SEAI and IWEA data);

• In 2017 wind energy reduced our CO2 emissions by 2.7 million tonnes (SEAI Energy in Ireland 2018);

• In 2018 wind energy met a record 29 per cent of our electricity demand – the second highest in Europe and the highest in onshore wind (Wind Europe);

• Wind provides more renewable energy than every other renewable technology and source – combined (SEAI Renewable Energy in Ireland 2019);

• More than €220 million stayed in Ireland in 2017 instead of being spent on importing fossil fuels (SEAI Energy in Ireland 2018);


More wind stats and facts here: and