Introduction to Solar PV

Course Date: Thursday, 05 July 2018
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Course Overview

Location: IWEA, Naas, Co. Kildare
Registration: 9.00
Course Timings:   9.30 to 16.30
Lunch and refreshments will be provided

Course Overview

The course will provide a detailed overview of Solar PV technology, site identification and feasibility studies (incl. grid), financial modelling.

Course Objectives

Attendees of this course will come away with an understanding of how solar PV systems work, the physical principals behind the technology, typical system components and methods of construction for both ground and roof mounted systems with a focus on the design of ground mounted systems.

The course will also provide a background on solar PV in Ireland to date, outlining the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry in this country.

Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to identify sites that would be suitable for solar PV and address areas that would affect the feasibility of a new scheme. Attendees will understand the components of a solar PV scheme and produce planning level designs.

Commercial aspects will be discussed including financial modelling and generation optimisation. 

Who should attend?

Planners, engineers, developers


  • About the Speaker
  • Course Overview

Solar Technologies

  • Passive Solar Heating
  • Flat-Plate Direct Heating
  • Thermal Electric Power Generation
  • Photovoltaics (Direct Conversion to Electricity)

Solar PV Technology

  • History
  • Current Global Trends and Statistics
  • General Principals – How Does It Work?
  • Types of PV
  • Applications
  • Comparison with Other Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Solar PV in Ireland

Solar PV System Design

  • Standard Terminology & Concepts
  • Design Tools
  • Components of a Solar PV System
  • Power Inversion
  • AC vs. DC
  • Types of Inverter Technology
  • System Operation and Control

Grid Connection

  • Grid Connection
  • Private Network

Site Identification & Project Feasibility

  • What Makes a Good Site?
  • Existing Environment: Hydrology, Biodiversity, Cultural Heritage, Visual Impact etc.
  • Show Stoppers
  • Shading
  • Angles
  • Gradients
  • Other Constraints

Design Considerations

  • Site Location
  • Planning History
  • Grid Connection
  • Planning Policy
  • Development Characteristics
    EIA Screening
    Hydrology, Water Quality & Drainage
    • Biodiversity
    • Traffic & Transportation
    • Human Environment
    • Cultural Heritage
    • Landscape & Visual
      Glint & Glare