Decision Driver Training

Location: IWEA
Duration: 1 Day
Course Date: Rolling
Registration: 9am
Course Time: 9am to 5pm
Course Cost
Company Member: €200
Non Company Member: €300

Course Overview

An interactive classroom session, where the most common driving errors are discussed and drivers are shown how to identify the potential for a situation to develop and how to manage it.

This multimedia session includes a PowerPoint presentation and video footage of actual incidents where the factors leading up to the event will be discussed.

This session is designed to be thought provoking and drivers are encouraged to give their own opinions on how a particular situation may have been dealt with or foreseen.

The course content can be tailored to include specific subject matter relevant to the organisation and their fleet policy. Course material also includes Driving in Adverse Conditions and Vehicle Technology Information, which covers ABS, Traction Control, Stability Programme, Emergency Brake Assist, Fatigue Monitors and other driver aids coming on stream which drivers may not be aware of.

In addition there will be an On–Road training element where the trainer will identify areas for enhancement and harness existing driving skills. The driver will be in their normal work vehicle and this element is conducted in an informal manner with a view to provoking thought and raising their awareness of the driving environment. Checks will be conducted prior to drive commencing ensuring the driver knows what to check in order to ensure the vehicle is in proper working order.

Course Objectives

To harness the drivers existing skills, enhance hazard perception and management skills and ultimately channel these skills into Decision Driving.
To improve a driver’s skills in anticipating the probable actions of other road users.
To explain which passive and active safety features are fitted to their vehicles and how they will react when deployed.

By the end of the course participants will be able to;

Increase concentration, observation and anticipation of risk amongst drivers, and to enhance existing driver skills.
Encourage Eco-driving through early planning of hazards.
Provoke thought and create options in the decision making process. 
Reduce occupational and private driving road risk by raising awareness.
Promote and protect the company brand image in the public domain.

Course Content

Daily Vehicle Checks
Explanation of Active Safety Features in each vehicle (if fitted)
Extended observation / Enhanced field of vision
Hazard Perception / Reaction to Hazards
Planning roundabouts effectively
Situational Awareness / Profiling others
Approach to Bends / Cornering
Principle of Proportionate Response
Acceleration Sense / Eco skills
Commentary Driving / Information Gathering

On completion of the in-vehicle element, a constructive de-brief is given to the driver. A driver report covering 16 core aspects will be sent to the client, which will include a risk rating and any relevant further training recommendations. A certificate of course attendance will be issued for each driver.