Covid-19 - Starting Over - Workshop 2 - Communication

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Location: Online
Course Date: Online Course - 26.08.20
Course Time: 2pm to 3.45
Course Cost
Company Member: €75
Non Company Member: €200

Course Overview

In this workshop which is delivered by 3 actors/facilitators we will focus on the importance of effective conversations as a day-to-day dynamic in the workplace, to enhance teamwork and productivity while supporting compliance.

This session is useful for all team members and will be of particular interest to team leaders or Covid-19 Lead Worker representatives.

We consider effective interactions and interventions which can encourage and recognise good practices, challenge thinking and influence others. Participants will learn techniques and skills which they can combine with their own style to support them at work.

Using the power of film and virtual theatre to engage, this interactive workshop explores the human side of returning to work and the attitudes and emotions involved.  The session challenges thinking and generates insights into individual differences and responsibility using a dramatised case-study.  Participants will consider application to their role and how they can create and sustain an effective culture at work throughout Covid-19.

You can see a clip of the course in the following link

Course Content

  • Beliefs, perceptions, and choices
  • Elements of effective communication
  • Influencing others and avoiding conflict
  • Difficult conversations
  • Key tools and techniques
  • Breakout small group work
  • Individual skills practice and coaching
  • Group discussion and application to roles